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Tricks of the Casino Trade

step 1

The best way to handle temptation is to yield to it. That is one of the most popular lines that people believe and follow when in the casino. Some kind of magic takes over and gamblers alike try and spend as much as they can to have the most fun possible. They love to try out as many games as possible.

step 2

Every new addition seems like a compulsory must-try item. Every new coupon and package must be bought. The minds of the people in the casino seem to have been completely taken over by an unknown entity to whom self-control and restraint are completely alien.

step 3

What is the magic that takes over even the sanest of the gamblers on the floors of the casino? What does the casino do to tempt the people to spend more? It includes the smallest little things that the casino does to provide the environment that urges people to empty their pockets.

There are no clocks in the casino.

You might have never noticed this bit. There really are no deposit free spins available at any of the walls or the shops in the casino. If you do not have a watch of your own, chances are you are unaware if it is day or night either.

Free food and drinks

The fact that they constantly provide food and drinks make sure you are never hungry. A full and a satisfied stomach make a man very satisfied. The drinks keep his mind sluggish. The reflex reaction and the caution in the brain do not work. Drunk people are more likely to take more chances and risk more.

Tempting coupons

A lot of free coupons are issued in favor of players who have played so many hours or who have earned so many points. These coupons tempt the players to play more and try to earn more. The earnings are a vicious cycle. The more you earn the more you want to earn. The more you lose the more you want to play to win the money back. Essentially you want to play more.

Free perks

The word free is truly magical. They attract customers like a moth to the flame. Customers are willing to spend more in order get that ‘free’ perks and coupon and additional hours of play. The gamblers are not in a position to apply logic, do the calculation and figure out that it would be cheaper to avoid these ‘free’ perks.

Regulation of camera use

Unless someone has a win, cameras are generally not encouraged at the casino floors. This is because they want to highlight only the wins and the good times. Losses and sad faces do not market the casino in any way. They are therefore avoided at all costs.

They use chips, not money

The moment you enter the casino, you are asked to exchange the money with the chips. Chips are the valid tender that is used in the casino to play various games. Chips are a good way to make the customers spend more because not many people are likely to finish their day in the casino with the chips to spare to exchange them back at the counter for cash.

Loud music and excited environment

The atmosphere makes a big impact on the mindset of the player. When everyone else is happy and listening to loud music and dancing their way to different games, every other gambler is also keen on trying `to keep up. The more you play the more you tend to experience. The temptation to get involved more is almost like a pressure trying to push you to put more chips on the table.

They highlight the newest attractions

When limelight shines, eyeballs automatically are drawn towards the item in hand. When there are more opportunities that are lit up, you are literally called towards it.

You have no choice in the matter. The free food and drinks have lowered your inhibitions and make you want to be more gutsy and courageous.

The casino is not short of tricks and ways to enchant the players to try more games. The above tricks are used to make the players believe that they can win if they play more.